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   Announcing the ‘upgrading’ of New Beginnings Programs to:



   We will continue to be a Tax Exempt organization. This foundation will enable us to reach out more than ever to At-Risk youth in our communities and schools and to channel more funds into helping individuals with addiction and other troublesome issues, leading them to counseling, treatment, and ultimately a better and healthy life.

As a Foundation, we now have five officers as well as several Board Of Directors members and Support Staff. Our officers are as follows:

   William P. Phillips, Jr. - President

   Timothy Fitts - Events, Programs, Fundraising Director

   Kayla Phillips - Clerk

   William Gaine - Chairman of the Board of Directors

   Robert Fair - Treasurer

   Also, thanks to Andrew LaMacchia, NBWP Operations Manager, we have created this new web page  which will replace our prior one, as well as our new logo.

We will update this page as events unfold. Thank you for viewing our new web page!

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