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   Elena Ghilani, our Database Developer and Administrative Assistant, has been involved in computer programming since college, where she received a B.S. in Education/Earth Science and Mathematics. Trained as a Software Engineer at GTE in Needham, MA, she has developed defense software for GTE, stock market software for Standard and Poor’s, and for the past 33 years has been active in database development for three schools and a large church. She has also worked for a market research company producing graphs and desktop publishing for their forecasting documents and news releases.

   Currently she develops and manages a constantly growing database for New Beginnings, keeping track of all the substance abuse prevention programs and presentations to schools, as well as all the students counseled and helped by Bill Phillips. Having graduated from Framingham High School a year ahead of Bill, she re-connected with him in 2005 at Keefe Technical School, where he has his office, and where she develops and manages databases for the Special Education and Guidance departments. She was then hired by Bill to fill a growing need for data management and organization.

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