Addiction is the compulsion to use a substance or behave in a certain way, even though you know you face considerable harm by going through with it.



Refers to associations that develop in your mind between specific events (Triggers) and emotional and physical urges to use the substance or take part in the addictive behavior.


   Dependency  “Physical/Spiritual

Physical Dependency does not require thinking. It’s simply related to the physical effects of the addictive substance on specific brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Certain neurotransmitters get altered by the substance. The brain adjusts, it tolerates the drug. You take the substance and the substance takes you!

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    “One whose use has an adverse effect, often unrecognized, on any one or more of his/her relationships, school, job performance, physical or emotional well being”


    Chemical dependency is a PRIMARY DISEASE. It was declared a disease in 1956 by the American Medical Association. It is PROGRESSIVE (IT’S ONGOING). It is CHRONIC (sickly). It is FATAL BUT TREATABLE.

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