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Did you know . . .


  • That there are three Sober High Schools in Massachusetts? They are in Boston, Beverly and Springfield.

  • That there are 28 million alcoholics in this country?  8 million under the age of 18 - 1 out of 8 come from alcoholic homes!

  • That 1 in 4 Americans experience family problems related to alcoholism/drugs?

  • That daughters coming from substance abuse families are more likely to become alcoholics and to marry one?

  • That sons coming from substance abuse families are at 70% risk of becoming alcoholics due to genetics and behaviors?

  • That every Friday and Saturday night for every 10th car coming at you on a highway - the person driving that car is drinking and driving?

  • That alcohol statistics for kids who are brought up in dysfunctional, violent and abusive homes:

  •      from ages 4 - 6 their characters are mapped out.

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