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   Today as President and Founder of New Beginnings, Phillips has been developing and presenting workshops and programs at all levels of education for 29 years. Judge Campion, first justice of the Framingham District Courts, and Jack Westcott, former principal of Keefe Tech, have been a major part of the program’s ongoing success and influence in Bill’s life. His research and expertise include adolescent behavior and adolescent alcohol and drug abuse.
In 2006 Bill’s Science Based, Evidence Based program was evaluated by the Minnesota Institute of Public Health. Kevin Ringhofer, one of the key evaluators, stated that Bill’s program was unique and that he would like to see this program offered throughout the United States.

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   Kayla Phillips is the Clerk for the New Beginnings Wellness Programs Foundation. Kayla has a passion for working with children. Her experience working in the childcare industry plus her passion for mentoring and teaching lead Kayla to graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Learning and Development.
Kayla believes that a strong development in young children leads them to being stronger and smarter adults. After watching her father help people on a daily basis Kayla has followed his footsteps and is very passionate about helping people especially children. Kayla will be continuing her education by getting her Master’s Degree in Social Work. 

Public Relations Manager


Administrative Assistant

   Elena Ghilani, our database developer, has been involved in computer programming since college, where she received a B.S. in Education/Earth Science and Mathematics. Trained as a Software Engineer at GTE in Needham, MA, she has developed defense software for GTE, stock market software for Standard and Poor’s, and for the past 33 years has been active in database development for three schools and a large church. She has also worked for a market research company producing graphs and desktop publishing for their forecasting documents and news releases.
Currently she develops and manages a constantly growing database for New Beginnings, keeping track of all the substance abuse prevention programs and presentations to schools, as well as all the students counseled and helped by Bill Phillips. Having graduated from Framingham High School a year ahead of Bill, she re-connected with him in 2005 at Keefe Technical School, where he has his office, and where she develops and manages databases for the Special Education and Guidance departments. She was then hired by Bill to fill a growing need for data management and organization.

Operations Manager


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